Children's Ministry::

We treasure our children because we understand them to be a blessing from the Lord (Psalm 127:3).  It is our joy to come along side you, as parents, to disciple your children and point them towards Jesus Christ.  We want to develop a Biblical worldview in your child by engaging them with the Bible and helping to unfold God's Story as they grow.  Please understand that you, the parent, are the primary discipler for your child, however we have sought to create a loving and nurturing environment for them to receive Biblical teaching and training to reinforce your efforts at home.  We also offer Biblical parenting seminars periodically throughout the year as needed, see Pastor Jason to inquire about the next scheduled seminar.

Student Ministry::

Our student ministry is not a separate culture in our church, they are not merely an extension of the church; instead, we see the purpose of our student ministry to be a tool that offers discipleship to our teens and helps to fold them into the life of the congregation. This is accomplished in many ways such as weekly Bible studies on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening, special discipleship events, fellowship events (such as football games, movie nights, etc), and other activities designed for students. Additionally, our students are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the church's various ministries. If you are a parent of a teen, we believe that you are to be the primary source of discipleship for your student. Our desire is to come along side you in your discipling and aid you in that endeavor.

Music Ministry::

At Faith Baptist Church we seek to provide an opportunity for people to use their God-given musical talents for His glory. God’s Word teaches that not all have the same gifts but we all have the same Holy Spirit living inside us by faith in Christ. As a result, while all are commanded in Scripture to praise and worship our Lord, we realize that only some are gifted and called to serve as leaders in the music ministry. Our choir is open to all individuals who have some talent for singing, or playing an instrument, and desire to use that talent for the Lord. We do not require an audition for entrance, but we do request that anyone interested should be available for our Wednesday night choir rehearsal at 7:35pm right after Prayer Meeting. Music reading skills and previous choir experience are not essential but certainly helpful. Our standard is excellence, our objective is to lead others to worship the Lord in spirit and in truth, and our style is varied. Please consider this your invitation to practice with us and to discover if our music ministry is a good fit for you and for us as we strive to serve Jesus Christ together.  For more information, see our Philosophy of Worship.

Senior Adult Ministry::

VIP is a Senior Adult ministry at Faith Baptist for adults age 55 and up and their friends. Monthly meetings are held on 3rd Tuesdays at 11 a.m. from January to October.  Attendees bring food, table games, and friends for a wonderful time of fellowship. Non-members are always welcome. Please contact our Church Office at 972-298-0528 for details.

Evangelism Ministry::

As often as is possible, whomever is able meets at the church for a time of prayer and then we head out into the community (typically a local park) to share the Gospel through one on one conversations, Gospel tracts, and (when in an appropriate location) open air preaching.  We also take with us our "Prayer Stand" which serves as a means of engaging people, discussing their needs, and ultimately sharing the Gospel with them.  From time to time we partner with Wretched Radio and Living Waters for coordinated Evangelistic Outreach.  Training in Biblical evangelism is available and recommended upon request.  On the whole, however, we strive to maintain a culture of evangelism in this church where each member embraces the Biblical mandate to share the Gospel with the people they encounter individually on a daily basis. We seek to create a culture in our church whereby the members of this church seek to share the Gospel and develop relationships with those are lost.

For more information, see our Philosophy of Evangelism

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Our desire is to be a church that is Christ-centered & empowered by the Holy Spirit
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